TABEIR’s August Trainings!


Iraq Foundation’s partner NGOs successfully implemented 11 trainings during the months of  August in the provinces of Baghdad, Kut, Missan, Babil, Erbil,Diyala and Basrah. The NGOs utilized training centers in their regions and offered training courses to NGOs, local journalists, and citizen journalists. By the end of August, the total number of beneficiaries had climbed to 277 citizen journalists and NGO members across Iraq. The total number of beneficiaries since the start of the project is 674.

These courses were offered by the partner NGOs free of charge, but all participants completed an application and went through a vetting process to ensure that those who are trained will use the training for the protection of FOE.

The in-country training aimed at utilizing new media and technology as a fundamental tool in changing the way the media works and how information is obtained and produced.

The training focused on technological tools; use of social media for impact; and improved visual narratives timely and effective use of advanced media tools for documentation, including use of digital equipment, mobiles phones,  messaging, and location-aware services; 2) internationally accepted standards of documentation; 3) visual story-telling techniques; 4) use of social media for information dissemination and reporting, including twitter; 5) secure reporting tools and techniques; 6) combining documentation and ICT techniques for effective advocacy for FOE.








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