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With IF’s assistance, five widows in Basra were awarded grants to start their own small businesses during October by an international organization. The grants helped three participates to purchase hairdressing equipment to start a hair salon and run the salon from their homes as well as allowed two widows to buy sewing equipment and other necessary equipment and materials to run a small sewing shop from their homes.

The Iraq Foundation (IF) successfully accomplished the 2nd training cycle and held graduation ceremonies to honor the widows’ achievements in Maysan and Chabaysh, Dhi Qar. These ceremonies received high attention from the local government councils, selected figures from the Council of Representative (CoR), tribal and civil leaders and were well covered by the local and national media.

We are pleased to report that, IF participated in “Supporting and Defending the Rights of Widows in Iraq” conference, hosted by Relief International and under the auspices of the Speaker of the Iraqi Council of Representatives.

IF began the project’s 3rd   training cycle in 4 centers, which includes two centers in Basra province (Shat Al Arab and Al Madina), one center in Maysan province and one center in Dhi Qar province (Chibayish). The 3rd cycle started on 4 centers between the 2nd week and 3rd week of September, contracts & MOUs been signed with Trainers, MOH, partner NGOs and local centers. Surveys been distributed and filled by the widows in each center and been sent to the expert for evaluation.

IF completed the recruitment of the widows and prepare all requirements for the 3rd cycle two centers in Baghdad (Karkh & Rusafa) and one center Ba’ashiqa. All  3 centers will start implementing the activities of the 3rd cycle during the month of October.

Select Photos of Graduations held in September

Select Photos from Project Activities:

Vocational Training – Basra

3rd cycle-Chabaysh-Vocational training

Vocational Mentoring – Basra

3rd cycle -Maysan

3rd cycle-Madina-Basra

3rd cycle-Chabaysh

3rd cycle-Madina-Basra

Select Photos from Childcare: