Technical skills Training (December 2013)


The Iraq Foundation and the partner NGO have successfully implemented technical skills training.  The training was held on the 15th of December 2013 in collaboration with Iraqi Parliament and specialized trainers who offered a 5-day orientation for interns to build their research skills to enable them to support Iraqi women Parliamentarians.  The training was held in two locations. The first two days were held at IF office and the remaining three days were held at office of the partner NGO (Iraqi organization for women and future). The topics presented during the training include the following:

  • The Iraqi political system, including sessions on the Constitution; Iraqi Parliament, including the role of the Parliament, how committees operate, Parliamentary by-laws, the responsibilities and authorities of Parliamentarians and the importance of community outreach; Drafting a Law: various stages
  • Overview of international women’s conventions and state of women’s rights in Iraq: Discussion of major issues facing women in Iraq today in light of international agreements, including CEDAW and UNSC Resolution 1325, as the standard for women’s rights
  • Technical intern skills: writing press releases, organizing briefing notes, reviewing legislation, working with staff of parliamentary committees
  • Research methods: An overview of basic research methods, format of the final research report and brainstorming of topics.
  • Tour of the Parliament: tour of all the committees where interns will be working during
  • The period of the internship, and tour of permanent parliamentary offices, including research department and library Training will be provided by advisors to Parliamentary committees and permanent staff of the Parliament.

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