Training Women Leaders in Qayyara


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On May 18, Ms. Dhefaf Al-Jarahi, Country Manager of The Iraq Foundation, visited Al-Jadaa Camp in Qayyara District, Nenawa Province. In the context of the Foundation’s project “Empowering Returnee Women”,  she oversaw the training of returnee and IDP women leaders from Nenawa and joined the women and their families before and after the workshop.

The project, funded by the German Government, aims to build the capacities of returnee and IDP women in Nenawa, Anbar, and Salaheddin provinces, to become spokespersons and advocates for their communities. The training included women selected at previous workshops held in March and April for returning and IDP women, especially those with dependents. The workshops addressed 200 women, including 100 women from the Qayyara District center and 100 from Al-Jadaa. Through the discussion sessions, 24 women were selected based on their demonstrated potential and wish to become leaders and “ambassadors” for their communities.

On May 14-15, the first workshop was held in the Directorate of Education in Qayyara District center, and focused on communication skills, advocacy and advocacy strategy, negotiation skills, leadership skills and enhanced training with practical exercises. On May 17-18, the second workshop was held at the Eastern School of Akrabeh for the women leaders of the Al-Jadaa area.

Al-Jarahi held extensive conversations with the women to understand their needs and aspirations, and praised the high level of leadership and willingness of the women and their strong drive to improve their lives and the lives of their communities.


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