WEL 5th Roundtable: September 2013


IF Holds 5th Roundtable Meeting to Further Identify Gaps in Iraqi Legislation that Impact Women’s Rights: September 2013

The Iraq Foundation (IF) successfully conducted the 5th roundtable discussion which aimed at presenting the suggested reforms and its impact on women’s rights which is guaranteed in Sharia and the Iraqi constitution as well as the international declarations. 55 legislators from the Iraqi council of representative (ICOR) and provincial councils as well as judges, legal experts from the executive branch, religious clerks, civil society members and members of media attended the roundtable. The roundtable focused on providing support for these reforms and for using the media as a tool to raise the public awareness on the importance of these reforms to attain equitable legislation for women. The roundtable was attended by IF executive director, Ms. Rend Al-Rahim and chaired by Dr. Nawar Al Zubaidy, legal advisor at the ICOR. The roundtable was well covered by the local and national media.

Selected Photos:

Ms. Bushra Zwaine, PM advisor on women issue, signed letter in support of WEL reforms, stating that these reforms meet Iraqi women’s requirements and that she will not hesitate to provide any support needed to implement these reforms.

MPs from the Women committee in the ICOR signed to indicate their support of WEL reforms, specifically stating that Article 380 in the Penal Code need to be amended according to IF suggestions.

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