WEL Legal Experts’ Meeting: December 2011


On December 10, 2011 IF held the Women for Equitable Legislation (WEL) project’s 1st legal experts meeting in Baghdad’s Alwya club.  Bringing together a variety of legal stakeholders, the purpose of the meeting was to discuss  the most important laws (or gaps in legislation) that need to be addressed to improve women’s rights, the most significant initiatives undertaken to date to address these laws, the obstacles faced, and suggestions for the best strategies and tools. Participants  including judges from the Higher Judicial Council, judges from Shura Council, and representatives from the Prime Minister office, State Ministry for Women and Ministry of Human Rights, as well as civic leaders and legal experts.

A second meeting took place on Thursday, December 29 at IF’s Baghdad office. Twelve participants attended the event including Judge Salem Al-Rawdan, who chaired the meeting, a number of female lawyers, two representatives from the Ministry of Human Rights, including the Ministry’s General Director and the head of the Women’s Department within the Ministry, and two representatives from Relief International. The meeting discussed the most important laws, decisions and orders dealing with women’s rights, the most significant initiatives taken to date to address these laws, obstacles hindering the effectiveness of these initiatives and suggestions for best practices and tools. Participants discussed laws, decisions and legal orders pertaining to violence against women (violence in the home and in the workplace and honor crimes), discrimination in the workplace and slavery and trafficking of women and girls.

Selected Photos:

Judges meeting
December 10, 2011 
Alwya club, Baghdad









Female legal experts’ meeting
Thursday, December 29 
 IF’s Baghdad office



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