WEL 4th Roundtable Meeting: March 2013


The Iraq Foundation (IF) conducted the fourth roundtable meeting, which aimed at presenting the draft legislation including amendments to the existing legislation prepared by experts to Participants. The roundtable meeting included legislators and representatives from related ministries and was conducted in collaboration with Safia Al Souhail Literary and Cultural Salon in Baghdad.

More than 80 participants attended the meeting including IF’s Executive Director Ms. Rend Al Rahim, legislators, former parliamentarians, high profile officials, US embassy members, UN officials and civil activists.

The event was also covered by the media, and captured by Al Fayhaa Satellite Channel on YouTube:


Furthermore, as part of IF’s effort to present the draft legislation and amendments to the existing legislation prepared by WEL experts to the governmental officials, WEL project manager Ms. Suhaila Al Asady and WEL advisor Juge Raheem Al Uagaily met with H.E Minister of labor and social affairs Mr. Nassar Al Rubai’ay. The WEL team presented the state shelters for the girls draft law, and explained how it is related to the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MOLSA). The WEL team shared the task force’s opinion, that this law should be part of the Social Welfare (Act No.126 of 1980). The team also discussed the item drafted by WEL experts on sexual harassment in the workplace, stating that this law should be part of the Labor Code (Act No.71 of 1987).



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