WEL: October – December 2013 Update


October – December 2013 Update

The Advocacy Coalition Meeting: On October 29th, the advocacy coalition (AC) reconvened to build up the strategic plan for the 2nd stage of the advocacy campaign. 15 NGOs along with the media expert, Emad Jasim, participated in the meeting. AC members shared lessons learned from the 1st stage advocacy campaign and adopted professional insights from the media expert on how to implement a more effective advocacy campaign.

Conducting the 2nd stage of the advocacy campaign
IF in collaboration with the WEL taskforce successfully conducted the 2nd  stage of the advocacy campaign, which aimed at bringing draft laws and related issues to the attention of local community leaders. The WEL task force included: legislators who supported WEL activities, governmental officials, legal experts and the 15 partner NGOs (13 in each province + 2 in Baghdad).
In the AC, IF in collaboration with the WEL taskforce successfully conducted:

  •  6068 radio spots (5868 free broadcasting) that covered WEL proposed legislations and were aired on 15 local radio stations all over the country
  •  22,702 signatures collected exceeding the 2000 proposed in the extension period
  •  30 30-minute radio call-in shows (2 in each province) on 15 local radio stations all over the country
  •  24 30-second TV ads and 3 45-minute TV programs broadcasted from Al Iraqia (official government channel)
  •  15 panel discussions (one in each province) attended by core members from the provinces including Provincial Council members, Moderate religious and traditional leaders, and local professionals;
  •  5977 surveys been collected all over the country supporting the reforms
  •  1420 supporting emails from all 15 provinces
  •  73 votes on the WEL website

The campaign successfully created greater stakeholder buy-in surrounding the draft laws to be presented to Parliament.

Press Conference: The Press Conference was held in collaboration with Safia Al Souhail Literary and Cultural Salon on December 27th and aimed at capturing the success of the WEL reforms. The press conference was attended by legislators, representatives of the Prime Minister office, the Secretariat Council of Ministers, Provincial Council members, Ministries officials, and CSOs.  The press conference was broadcasted live on Al Jazeera and was well covered by local media.

To view the letter submitted by the State Ministry for Women Affairs to the General Secretariat for Council of Ministers, click here. The English translation is available here.

To view the letter submitted by Parlimentarian, Sofia Al Suhail to the Speaker of the ICOR and the names of the Parliamentarians that signed in support of proposed reforms, click here. The English translation is availablehere.

Selected Photos:

Advocacy Coalition Meeting:

Conducting the 2nd stage of the advocacy campaign



Press Conference:


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