WIES Quarterly Progress


Update for April, May and June

The Iraq Foundation (IF) is pleased to report that 37 WIES beneficiaries were linked to grants/ loans including: 9 WIES beneficiaries received ID100, 000 each in Nineveh, 3 WIES beneficiaries received ID 1 million no interest loan each from Mr. Zahran Nasir Al Batat in Maysan, 2 WIES beneficiaries received $100 each in Daiyala and 23 WIES beneficiaries received ID 5,000,000 donation that was made by Mr. Thair Abdulzahra, businessman and owner of Time Square shopping center. The beneficiaries received either ID200, 000 or toolkits at equal or higher monetary value.

40 FHH accepted job offers contributing to a total of 137 job placements to date. Furthermore, 88 new employment opportunities were identified contributing to a total of 303 opportunities identified to date.

3 WIES beneficiaries were placed in the apprenticeship program. 57 WIES beneficiaries concluded the marketing strategies training.

WIES grantees


Shaymaa Yas, WIES grantee, a widow and a mother of three kids, benefited from the different development programs that WIES offered and started her first business. Shaymaa is making $30/ day.


Suaad Mohamad, WIES grantee, a widow and a mother of two, started her first business selling dresses and cosmetics. She started her book keeping to record her revenues as a result of the project management training which was offered by the project.


2WEIS52WEIS5 Batoul Nasief, WIES grantee, a mother of five, started her first business tailoring for the neighborhood and selling detergents. She is making $80/day.

WIES Employment


Three WIES beneficiaries sign their employment contract in a local hairdressing saloon


WIES beneficiaries started their first job in Mosul

Networking opportunities





WIES beneficiaries participating in a networking event to market their products in Baghdad



WIES beneficiaries participated in a religious event conducted by the district council in Risala-Baghdad. FHH had the chance to market their products and establish contacts with potential customers.

Distribution of WIES grants in Basra

Marketing strategy training





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