Women Leaders Receive Cellphones


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IF conducted a Leadership Training over a two-day span on advocacy, leadership, and networking for women leaders (WLs).

During the training, IF distributed smartphones to 60 WLs in three provinces (Anbar, Nenawa and Salaheddin). WLs attended technical training on communication skills through use of smartphone applications including Facebook, Viber, Whatsapp, Telegram and Instagram applications.

The WLs created groups with one another on Whatsapp to establish a mode of communication between them. These groups will allow the women to raise problems that they are facing and consult with their peers to seek solutions. The smartphones will also allow having an effective, real-time dissemination of critical information to their communities and officials on matters concerning healthcare, security, and more.

Cell phones cropDhefafa Al Jarahi,  IF’s Country Manager in Iraq, conducted field visits to attend the leadership training in Qayyarah and Al Jadaa in the province of Nenawa, and technical training in the Arbaeen neighborhood in the province of Salaheddin. IF contracted a technical expert in each of the three provinces to communicate with WLs and government agencies in the implementation areas.

During the month of July, the external evaluator visited all of the five locations in the three provinces to carry out focus group sessions, questionnaires and interviews.

IF is enabling trained women leaders (through their communications with security forces, local councils, community police and Family Protection Units (FPUs)) to provide ongoing information and updates to their community on security, available social and psycho-social services for women (e.g. counseling), legal services, government payouts to returnees, and other resources.

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