Workshop for Women Leaders in Tikrit



IMG_2476Iraq Foundation Country Manager, Ms. Dhefaf Al-Jarahi, visited Hayy Arba’een district in Tikrit, Salaheddin province on May 25. As part of the Foundation’s project “Empowering Returnee Women”, she oversaw the training of returnee and IDP women leaders from Tikrit and provided technical assistance to the women.

ERW is supported by the German Government and seeks to build the capacities of returnee and IDP women in Nenawa, Anbar, and Salaheddin provinces, to become spokespersons and advocates for their communities. The training included women selected at previous workshops held in March and April for returnee and IDP women, with an emphasis on women with dependents. The workshops addressed 200 women, including 100 women from the Hayy Arba’een and another 100 from First Qadisiya districts in Tikrit. Through the discussion sessions, 24 women from Tikrit were selected based on their demonstrated potential and wish to become leaders and “ambassadors” for their communities.

Following the fruitful discussions with the women, which outlined their needs and aspirations, Al-Jarahi was greatly impressed with the high level of leadership and enthusiasm expressed by the women. Collectively, the strong drive they possess to improve their own lives and the lives of others in their communities was consistently apparent throughout.

The workshop on May 25 was the third day of training for the women in Tikrit, and is part of a series of workshops carried out by the Iraq Foundation in the three provinces.



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