Youth Activities: October 2012


Small Grants Activities: 

On October 10 and 18, Ms. Raneen A’aed Rasheed of Dahouk and grantee for the Hygiene Awareness Campaign for Tourism Sites and Environmental Protection Project carried out a number of activities, including:

  • Providing a brief educational session that discussed the project, means to develop cooperation among people of different ethnicities and religions in order to strength their joint work on multiple issues.  The session also discussed the importance of preserving the environment and tourism locations.
  • On these two days, Ms. Raneen implemented two campaigns of planting trees: The campaigns involved planting 100 different types of trees in the Bandowa tourist area by 10 volunteering youth.  The second campaign of planting trees was implemented in Dear Boon Toursim Area by 7 youth volunteers, including teachers.

Ms. Iman Mizher of Baghdad and grantee for the Women Mediation in Iraqi Society Project has implemented four awareness sessions to women on conflict resolution and mediation skills.

Other Youth Activities:

On October 7, three youth that participated in the Youth Civic Camps (YCC) of 2012 volunteered to presented one educational session at the Media College-Baghdad to 22 students and talked about their participation experience at the YCC.

Finally:  five youth participants in the YCC-2012 started implementing work fellowships in five partner NGOs of Civic Society Leaders/ Democratization Program-PEDP. These NGOs are in Baghdad and other provinces.


On October 18, youth planted trees in Dearboon Tourism Area as part of the Hygiene Awareness Campaign for Tourism Sites and Environmental Protection Project.



Photos of the Women Mediation in Iraqi Society Project

On October 13, the 2nd session was held at the Aswar Baghdad Organization with 4 women participants.


On October 15, the 3rd session was held at Amnat Al-Sadr High school for girls in Sadr City-Baghdad with 23 women participants.

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On October 22, the 4th session was held at Alfathael High school for Girls in the Alrashad area of Baghdad with 35 women participants.


On October 22, the 5th session was held at Aba Al-Ahrar Organization in the Alobaidi are of Baghdad with 16 women participants.

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