Youth Film Competition Winners Announced: January 2012


IF is pleased to announce the winners of the short film contest, which was launched last September  as part of the Post Election Democracy Project’s efforts to engage Iraqi youth in promoting peaceful conflict resolution across sectarian lines!  The prize winners are Sadik Taher Ameen for his film entitled “The Promising Future”, and Nawar Wa’el Jabar for “The Jewel of Iraqi Brotherhood”.  These films were broadcast recently on  Al-Furat satellite TV and aired across Iraq.  IF was pleased with the interest and range of submissions and it was no easy task to pick the winners!

Watch winning film, “The Promising Future”

This film urges people to accept each other, live in peace, and understand the concept of national identity regardless religious affiliation. The video features a phone discussion between a mother in her son who is living abroad. When the son inquires about their neighbors, she informs him that their neighbor woman who is their friend has passed away because of the suffering caused by the loss of her son died in a roadside bomb.

Watch winning film, “The Jewel of Brotherhood”

This video tells the story of 4 college students sharing the same room in the college’s dorms.  When one of the students’ father learned that his son is sharing a room with students from a different religion, he gave him a choice between finding different room or leaving the college. His son and three roommates decided to talk to the father, and convince him that despite the religious difference they are priceless relationship. The father was convinced and apologized from his son and roommates.

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