Youth Small Grants: July 2012


On July 12, 19, and 22, Ms. Raneen A’aed Rasheed, implementer of The Hygiene Awareness Campaign for Tourism locations and Environment Protection Project in Dahouk Province held 3-day hygiene awareness sessions.

The goal of the project is to enhance cooperation among youth from different sects and religions and at the same time, support hygiene awareness and environment protection.  The sessions were held at The Cultural Center of Domaiz area, the Cultural Center of Sumail area, and at Big Kityara Cultural Center in Alkoush area.  All these 3 areas are in Dahouk Province.

In each session, Ms. Rasheed welcomed the participants, and presented a brief summary about the Iraq Foundation and the PEDP Project.  Topics of the sessions covered: the importance of a clean environment, particularly at touristic sites, and how to maintain these areas clean.  The participants in these 3 sessions were from different religions and ethnicities, which included:  Kurds, Arabs, Muslims, Ezidis, Christians, Chaldeans and Assyrians.

At the end of each session, Ms. Rasheed suggested to the attendees to create groups of youth, men and women form different religions and ethnicities to clean their neighborhoods and tourism areas they visit.  The participants welcomed the idea.

Selected Photos:


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